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New Course starts w/c Monday 25th February 2019

Activities - included in our classes

Although we teach all the traditional obedience in our classes. We also have lots of agility style equipment which we use to create games and courses for our dogs to work around.

Many people want to do agility with their dogs.

It's thrilling to watch the dogs on TV and at Crufts doing agility but we prefer to use our equipment in a more controlled way which enables your dog to learn lots of different games and activities and to use their brain.

To work on any of these activities your dog needs to have a basic level of obedience - we ensure that by having a certain level of training your dog can get the most out of our equipment.

We sometimes use the new game of Rally-O to work on the close-up training which your dog will need to enable him/her to concentrate and work better with you.

Working like this ensures you and your dog build a better bond as you can both concentrate on the activities.

We also use the equipment with overall dog fitness and mobility in mind.

Slowing things down allows your dog to learn about their body and build bodily awareness.

The more flexible your dog is through life will help him/her maintain their mobility and fitness through to old age. See Taz's story

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