K9 Training & Advisory Centre

New Course starts w/c Monday 25th February 2019

  • Give your dog a job!

    There are a lot of unemployed dogs out there. Dogs that once upon a time had a job. Your dog maybe of the pastoral group and loves to herd things. Or maybe your dog is and unemployed Gundog or scent hound.

    Whatever your dogs origins ultimately your dog loves to please you and loves to communicate with you. Clicker training is an excellent way to communicate with your dog and get achieve a higher level of training. You will be amazed at the activities your dog can pick up after just a few sessions.

    My favorite moment is when the dog has worked out the game and the owner has realised the dog truly understands - It is a truly magical moment.

    So if you feel your dog is a little bored and needs some brain work you can either pop along and view a class yourself or book a beginners course with your dog at www.k9tac.co.uk.



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