K9 Training & Advisory Centre

New Course starts w/c Monday 25th February 2019

Cath Davies

I currently own two Giant Schnauzers, a Standard Schnauzer and two Bearded Collies which keep me busy.
These breeds require a moderate amount of grooming - an activity which I find extremely enjoyable as do the dogs.

I previously owned German Shepherds - a breed which I still love. When I purchased my first GSD puppy I was extremely lucky to be directed towards the local German Shepherd training club, they trained me how to raise a delightful, well-balanced dog and helped me to enjoy joining in the local obedience competitions.

I specialise in helping with recall and meet-and-greet issues.
I can work with you to help you gain a better relationship with your dog.

I also organise group dog walks so that your dog can socialise within a well-balanced group. (subject to conditions)