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We contacted K9 Training in January to take guidance to help us with our 6 year old Rottie, Nessie. Nessie lived with me in London from when she was born and had very limited access to other dogs for socialising, however, was extremely used to socialising with children and adults.

Nessie was always nervous of other dogs through lack of socialing, hence we had indoor one to one sessions with Madeline who helped Nessie to listen to basic commands which she loves still doing. With Madelines guidance we then moved outside with Cath to hopefully achieve our objective of socialisation with other dogs.

We appreciated that it would be a slow process however we are delighted that Nessie after only 12 sessions is now out walking with Troy, Suzy, Lottie and Heidi. We are now able to handle Nessie much better with the right equipment.

We are also now able to go to Avon Heath with Cath and her dogs and sit and have a coffe after the walk and watch the world go by with Nessie.

We are extremely grateful to Cath and Madeleine and we are continuing with the training with our next objective to join a class!!

Nessie highly recommends others to follow in her foot steps to contact K9 Training as she has a new lease of life in meeting other doggie friends.