K9 Training & Advisory Centre

New Course starts w/c Monday 25th February 2019

"When we decided to get a Labrador puppy, my biggest fear was that we could end up with a Marley without proper guidance and training! We had already booked a course of puppy training classes at K-9 TAC before Biscuit came home but after a couple of weeks of having her with us, I decided that we could really benefit from some 1-2-1 sessions.

After six hours of 1-2-1 training with Madeleine, combined with the group puppy class, I'm absolutely over the moon with how quickly Biscuit's training has progressed. Walking to heel, preventing jumping up and recall were top of my list to solve and the 1-2-1's have been invaluable for those and lots more. The insights into dog behaviours that Madeleine has provided for us are invaluable and I would highly recommend a course of 1-2-1's combined with the group class as a must for anyone thinking of getting a puppy. As well as having someone to help us "problem solve", Madeleine and Cath helped us to understand how Biscuit socialises with other dogs in the group.

Biscuit has just completed her course and passed the progress tests with flying colours - we're already booked onto a further course to continue her training. She enjoys the classes as much as we do and is always tired out afterwards from the mental stimulation which is an added bonus!"
M Start 2013